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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beaten by a 1st grader

Summer is finally here. It was boiling today, and I've been walking round the house in just my shorts since I got herm. I stink too.

I was back at Ryukyuo Junior High school today for the month of June. I really like this school. The English techers are really friendly, the kids have bags of personality and are even competent at English.

I had a funny exchange with a 1st grader today - Kentaro. As I came into the classroom he was standing chatting near the front. I said "How are you?", he replied "pardon" and cupped his ear, so I said it again - he did the same as he scurried off to his place, so I said it a bit louder and he did the same again. He was stood next to his desk putting on his name badge still looking at me so I called him over. I got him to come really close before bellowing "HOW ARE YOU?" He was a little schocked but he found it funny.
During the lesson each student had to give a little introduction to the rest of the class. They'd spent 5 mins drawing their pet and had to finish their little presentation saying "this is my CAT/DOG/FISH etc, __NAME__. and hold up their picture. Anyway, it came to Kentaro's turn. He did his presentation perfectly and said the line "....and this is my cat,........(shows his picture to the class).........John Cant." I was shocked. I looked at his picture and he'd drawn an amazing cat with a cheeky face and big glasses - just like mine. I was very impressed with his cheekyness, though I now face a dilema of how to score a point back from the cheeky twat. I don't mean that in a bad way - I quite like the cheeky boys. But not the cheeky girls. They were awful.

Today is Kayo's birthday, but I can't visit her today as I had to go to school. I'm going to Shizuoka at the weekend to see her though and have fixed myself up with a job interview at a high school on Saturday morning. Hopefully it will go well. I'm feeling fairly relaxed about it at the moment as I anticipate the questions being relatively informal, but we'll see. I've just had a chat with the chap whose job I'm potentially taking. He's a very amicable young scotsman who has been incredibley helpful.


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