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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crash - Live - Bridge

It's been a relatively busy, but standard week here for me. The only real thing of note was I crashed my bike on Monday. I went round a corner a bit too fast, and badly buckled my back wheel. I took it to my local bike shop to get it fixed on Thursday and was told it would take a week for the new wheel to arrive. "Oh Joy! Another week of catching the bus to school" I thought. But as I'm leaving the shop, the assistant is stood there with a loveley bike for me to use until mine's ready. How cool is that? Service in Japan really is top drawer.

Thought I'd let you know where I live - I just discovered google maps so I've put a pin in for my house, Kayo's house and Mount Fuji. The aerial shot was taken in summer time so Mount Fuji doesn't appear in it's snow capped glory, but it still should give you a good indication of where I'm at in the world.
Where I live. Tokyo is the big splodge of grey a little further to the East.

And here are couple of photos from our little camping trip last week. Indiana Jones style scary bridge.
Bridge over Ooigawa 3

Bridge over Ooigawa 2

Bridge over Ooigawa 1


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