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Sunday, January 28, 2007



So I was at work on Saturday and one of my students was telling me she was going to a Music Videos film festival. "Interesting" I thought, and asked her what videos she would see. OK GO came the reply. Now I remember seeing their 1st video a while back and thought it was brilliant - dancing on treadmills - so when I got home I logged on to youtube for another look and found their another one too. Here you go.....

and here's another one......

And then I found out that they started a competition for people to kind of copy them and improve / interpret them. Here's the winners.
I'm loving their songs too.

Another 'interesting' conversation took place in one of my lessons too. I had a class of 4 ladies - 2 middle aged and 2 about my age - and I was going round at the start of the class asking them how they were - an nice easy started for 10, I thought. Anyway on to lady No 4......
Me:                  "So, how are you today, Kayoko?"
Kayoko-san:   "Well, I'm a bit up and down these days. You see I'm going through the menopause at the moment"
I didn't have a clue what to say to that, so I put the CD on and made 'em do some listening. Shocking.


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