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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Job offer, rainy BBQ and a bad day at the office.

On Tuesday I received a call from Chas at Shizuoka Kita High School. He rang to offer me the job. I accepted. Details to be sorted out, but I'll be starting sometime around the end of August - teaching 14 hours per week to the same 7 classes each week. It sounds really cool, and I liked the look of the school too. Reports say that I'll be very much in control of the lessons which I can't wait for. They also have a staff football team- so that should be pretty cool too.

Yesterday Tom, Ben, Kirsty, Kat and Jo came round to mine after elementary school for an afternoon BBQ. It had been a beautiful morning, but by the afternoon cloud had rolled in, which turned to rain. We found a spot to put the BBQ though - under the lip of the roof and got cooking. We had a good afternoon and there was much discussion about gender roles for children. "Is it right that parents choose the gender roll of their child by dressing it in a certain way?" "Shouldn't the child have the right to become a lady boy if it so desires?".....It was interesting for a while but then got a bit dull and ridiculous. Ben and Jo finally quietened down with the addition of barbequed king prawns, scallops and weeners.

This morning I had 4 lessons with the 4 different teachers at School.
1st period was 2nd graders with Mr Mizuno. Mr Mizuno is a very lively chap. He creates interest in his lessons, but a fair proportion of his classes revolve around reading the textbook. The students don't seem to mind and get on with the work he sets to the best of their ability since when they're not reading, he produces decent activities. More importantly he has a fair bit of personality about him, so presents things in the right way. My role in his classes is read from the book. He's a bit of a control freak, but generally speaking a decent bloke. His classes do make me incredibly bored though, as a lot of his genk is given in Japanese- and so i miss out on it all.

2nd period was 1st graders with Mrs Mitsuishi. When I first came to this school, I was a bit worried about her classes, but now I think she's the best teacher. Her classes are always well thought through and organised. She's not the genkiest of teachers, but we work well together. She gets me to run some activities, and we often do little skits to introduce new grammar points. She's getting on a bit - in her 50's and if only she was a touch more genki whe'd be wicked.

3rd period was 3rd graders with Miss Komatsu. I feel embarassed to be in these classes. All of her lessons revolve around the dreaded textbook. She presents with no personality whatsoever. She's new to teaching and seems constantly in a panic. She doesn't communicate with me either - so I don't even know what she's expecting me to do. I've offered to prepare some activities for her classes to try and liven things up, but she says it's OK - she can do it. I think because she's new to teaching she feels pressure that she should prepare everything herself. Even if I did make run parts of the lesson, it would be incredibly hard work, since she's already set such a dull mood in her classes. Her lessons are like pulling teeth. I try to be enthusiastic, but I really can't fake it. I dread these lessons.

4th period was with Mr Fujimoto. He used to be a principal, but works part time here beacause he enjoys teaching. He's very enthusiastic and the kids all love him. He presents his materials well, and always gets the kids talking. The onl bad thing from my point of view is he has no interest in team taching - it's completely his lesson and I just tag along. I get the impression he resents my resents my presence, but tries his best to hide it. I may be worng. Either way his lessons are fairly enjoyable since he creates a lively atmosphere and gets the kids moving. His actually teaching isn't that good though I don't think. He often moves too fast, and the students are left behind.

So that's a rundown of my day.
I've just found out that I've got 3 lessons with Miss Komatsu tomorrow as Mr Mizuno is in a meeting all day - It's gonna be hell. I feel a fever coming on at the prospect.


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