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Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup mumblings

This morning it was Japan v Brazil at 4am. Japan needed to win, and hope that Australia didn't beat the Croats. I didn't get up to watch it as I thought that Japan had no chance. After 34 minutes everything was looking rosy. Japan were beating Brazil and Croatia were beating Australia. Unfortunately it didn't stay like that. Japan lost 4-1. Sayonara Samurai blue.

England are doing a little better. We're playing Ecuador on Sunday night in the last 16. I think we will scrape through. But beyond that, I don't think we can win the tournament. I was reasonably confident before it all started. Not now. We have looked poor in our 1st 3 games. I don't think we have the ability to break down the really good defences when we're up against it. We have Wazza, but if a team plays well, they can mark him out of the game. That leaves us with cult-hero Crouchy to get the goals. Or goals from midfield. Whilst Gerrard and Lampard are fantastic strikers of the ball from the edge of the area, we can't rely on them to score in every game. There will be a match along the way when we can't get the ball in the net enough times. Therfore, I predict an exit in either the quarter or semi finals. I only want us to get to the final if we can win it. If we can't win, then I'd rather us go out sooner. What I mean is, at this moment in time I don't think we can win the competition, but the longer we go on, the higher my hopes will become. And the more gutting it will be to lose.

I'll still support them and get far too excited during games, despite this negative talk now. Come on The EngERland!

Put on yer dancing shoes. Crouchy's coming out to play.


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